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Plan Highlights

Our agents are our customers here at Titan. We feel it is important to offer a very affordable E&O Insurance policy that would cover you and your family’s interest in a professional liability claim. The importance of Personal Liability Coverage cannot be emphasized enough.

Titan understands that E&O Insurance is a necessity and is critical to growing and protecting our thriving agency force. Therefore; Titan’s policy offers some of the best protection in the industry. Policy strength is outlined in the feature benefits listed here and packaged with competitive premiums.

Insurance Plans Starting at $48.50. Enroll today for an immediate certificate in 10 minutes!

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Outline of Coverage

Policy Features

Insurer – A.M. Best A+ (Superior) XV
$1,000,000/2,000,000 Annual Aggregate Per Agent
$1,000,000 Per Claim
Low Deductible for Any Carrier (Life, Health, Accident, Disability, & Optional Fixed Annuity). 50% deductible for claims settled at Mediation
Bonus Vanishing Deductable: This applies to your first claim once you have 3 years of continuous coverage.
No Production Requirements from Carrier
Certificate Issued in 10 Minutes
Monthly Premium as Low as $48.50 per month
Easy Payment Methods: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Debit Card/Checking Account
Lower Annual Payment Option
Prior Acts – Coverage for prior acts as long as E & O insurance has been continuously maintained
Coverage for Agent’s corporation, partnership, business entity (for claims arising from wrongful acts of insured agent)
Coverage for Agent’s unlicensed employees
Coverage as a Notary Public
New Features: Network Security and Crisis Management Coverage & Regulatory Action Defense Coverage

Our Promise: We are committed to provide quality protection backed with superior personalized service. None follow the enrollment, certificate, and payment process closer than Titan does. Our promise is to do everything possible to make sure you have current coverage protecting at all times and our strength is in preventing any Lapse or Gap from occurring.

What Other Programs Don’t Tell You

Many sponsored E&O Programs are attractively priced, but have production requirements to offset their premiums. This can be potentially dangerous, as there are three things that may happen when you do not have stand alone coverage such as Titan’s that includes coverage for prior acts.

The Carrier you’re affiliated with will cancel their contract with you when new business production is too low
The Carrier you’re affiliated with will cancel their E&O offering with you as a result of the above
Potentially, You are Exposed with No coverage in place. Under these circumstances, Notification is often very poor or very late getting to the agent causing a Gap in Coverage!

We bring this to your attention only because we see this happen Month after Month from agents not affiliated with us. Unfortunately, many claims are denied because the agent has a gap in coverage that can’t be cured. As an active agent you should have continuous coverage year after year and when you change E&O programs, you do so seamlessly without creating any Gap. E&O coverage with Prior Acts will typically cover you as far back as when you first had E&O coverage unless a Gap exists. Therefore; any Gap in coverage may prevent a claim from being covered. Titan’s Policy with Prior Acts is exceptional protection that will allow you to write with Any Carrier (Life, Health, Disability, & Fixed Annuity) with NO production Requirements.

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